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ARK5 can help you produce, collaborate and market NFTs. The crypto-art world is new and daunting - we can help you from conception to sale in order to help maximise your NFT offering.


Through our strategies, we have put in place a 24/7 system, after a lot of research and experimenting, that maximizes the growth and activity of the community solely through managing the community. The idea is to make you sit back and relax while we take over and grow the community for you!

Relevant audience Outreach

With a team of professional level pitchers, we are providing you with a powerful growth product that brings in relevant audience through through Cold DM Outreach, Providing you with genuine profiles by developing their interest in your project.

We work with Leading Brands and NFT Curators

Already working with forward-thinking brands and curators in the space, our NFT marketing and community specialists can help you and your business with one-off NFT launch strategies all the way to long-term crypto or marketplace brand marketing strategies. Simply complete our short enquiry form and we will be in touch shortly.


What does NFT stand for?

Non-fungible token.

What is an NFT?

A non-fungible token is a digital certificate of ownership for any digital asset assigned to it. This is proven through the blockchain – a public unchangeable record. Like Bitcoin, NFTs use exactly the same technology but with added layers, allowing curators to attach digital assets to the token they’re selling.

Should I be creating NFTs?

If you sell any product that you believe can be interpreted as unique, then you can create NFTs. NFTs are not tangible in any form, but can still connect to tangible objects.

Are NFTs unique?

Yes. Whilst some NFTs can be released as a limited edition or unlimited edition during the NFT minting process, the NFT you purchase is unique. Consider an NFT as form of digital provenance.

How is an NFT valued?

There is no formula for valuing an NFT in the same way that some tangible art is hard to value – and the market is so young that there is no reasonable benchmark. NFTs can range from $1 but can also hold records such as the recent $69m sale of Beeple’s “EVERYDAYS: THE FIRST 5000 DAYS”, creating a new record for Christie’s as the highest valued online art sale item.

How can FireCask help me with my NFT marketing strategy?

NFT’s can be hard to understand. Not only this but the marketplace is saturated already. As an NFT creative agency, FireCask can help you in all aspects of your NFT curation process.


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